App Updates

Version 1.10 (9-28-2018)

Version 1.10 has several behind-the-scenes new features and bug fixes, with minimal changes to the user interface.

  • App feature Updates
    • The network feature row is now available on mobile/tablet.
    • Selecting “See More” on a network feature row will direct users to a network “Browse All” grid view.
  • Other Features
    • HBO Category updates
    • Dolby Digital for On Demand content
    • Performance stabilization improvements
    • Catalog export for Amazon OS level universal discovery
  • Fixes
    • Filter options now shown in Shows
    • Details page search on Mobile
    • tvOS: playing DVR content fixed

Version 1.9 (8-8-2018)

The 1.9 update has several new changes that will enhance your viewing experience. The upgrades include performance improvements, popular enhancement recommendations from members, and audio options. The main updates are listed below:

Remote Navigation Change

For members using an Android, Amazon Fire or Roku device, the next app update will alter channel navigation. Users will now change channels simply by pressing up or down on the directional pad on the remote. When watching Live TV, skip forward or backward by 12 seconds by tapping left or right on the directional ring. If users long press (hold down) the left or right directional ring or arrow, the media player will begin seeking in the requested direction until the user releases. Click here for more information on navigating live TV.

New Remote Navigation

New Filters

The Category Filters have been moved from the top of the Guide screen to the transition overlay with Replay. Access this screen by pressing left on Android/Amazon/Roku or swipe left on Apple devices. Highlight Filters and press Ok or Select on the remote to just view live and upcoming content by Sports, News, Movies or Kids.

The subscription filter has been removed from the top of the Guide screen. Channels not subcribed to will also no longer appear in the guide. Click here for more information about the Main Menu.

Replay TV and Filters Overlay

From the main channel Guide, press (or swipe) left to get to the Filters option.

Closed Captioning

The Audio option on the media player's name has been changed to "Audio / Subtitle" to make it clearer what the button does. Click here for more information on Closed Captions.

Audio Subtitle Menu

Activate Closed Captioning from the Audio / Subtitle section.