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What is ?

is the new full-featured Digital Television service delivered to your laptop, mobile, and TV set top box devices.

For more frequently asked questions about visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

requires you to have one or more supported streaming devices in your home to use the service. Please refer to the Supported Devices page on our website for a list of devices and purchase options.

Beginner Tutorial

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Wireless vs Wired

Many devices that work with can use a wireless network but when it comes to high-quality video streaming the best performance will always come from a wired Ethernet connection.

Some devices do not have an Ethernet port, but they do have an adapter available that can be used to connect using a Micro USB port or something similar. Check the manufacturer's support and product offerings for information about Ethernet and other accessories that might be available.

Wifi vs Ethernet

DVR Usage and Replay TV

All recorded content with is stored "in the cloud" and not on your device. There is a limit to the number of hours available for your DVR storage but Restart and Replay TV don't count. Restart and Replay TV are entirely new concepts, and something to consider before scheduling your DVR programs.

Learn more about using your DVR here.